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Tech Wizards Product to be Exhibited at 3rd Waterfront Symposium

DAHLGREN, Va. –The Surface Combat Systems Training Command (SCSTC) showcased Tech Wizards Inc., (TWI) developed product, Sonar Dome Rubber Window (SDRW) Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT). At the 2022 Surface Navy Association (SNA) 3rd Waterfront Symposium in San Diego, from Aug. 17th –19th.

“Tech Wizards was honored SCSTC chose our VMT to demo at SNA’s Symposium,” said TWI president Ken Clark. “The Waterfront Symposium is becoming one of the defense industry’s leading events and we are excited our VMTs align with the theme: Surface Warfare: The Competitive Edge.”

VMTs developed by TWI aid the United States Navy’s Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) initiative by lowering costs and increasing the quality and proficiency of training. TWIs VMTs are designed to be digital twins of tactical training equipment (TTE) and connected systems. Providing a true-to-life immersive high fidelity 3D gaming experience to educate sailors on procedural maintenance compliance.

“Our VMTs utilize our sophisticated and advanced state machine technology to track replaceable components down to the wire and pin to allow for repeatability, reusability, and eliminate training bottlenecks,” said TWI Director of Technology Kenny Allwine. “Based on fleet feedback, the VMTs are able to provide future training scenarios.”

TWI will demonstrate its VMTs at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando Fla. from Nov. 28th–Dec. 2nd.

About Tech Wizards, Inc.: Tech Wizards is a U.S. Navy Surface Training Advanced Virtual Environment (STAVE) solutions provider. TWI also supports government and commercial arenas with systems, software, and cyber security services. TWI is a small business founded in 2005 and is based in Dahlgren, Va. For more information on Tech Wizards, their contracts, and employment opportunities, visit:


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