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  • Support to Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, for computer engineering services (CPES)

  • Develop and maintain spiral and baselines of Navy tactical initiatives including Naval Weapons and Combat Systems (e.g. SSDS, Aegis BMD, Future Surface Combatant, FMS, Zumwalt, LCS/FF, and the Coast Guard) 

  • CPES includes support for Weapon System Element, Position, Navigation, and Time elements and Combat System Domain Engineering, Fleet and Land Based Test Site Support, and configuration management verification and validation  

  • Provide lifecycle support for the deployed surface combatants and support in the transition of new baselines to the fleet  

  • Support computer program products in the form of developing code, and making corrections, enhancements, and engineering for Navy surface combatants  

  • Preform engineering studies and data analysis/reports  

  • Assist in the definition of future high-performance architecture, activities, and support the development and implementation of computer program development process

DDG 119

Subcontractor To:

  • CACI International Inc.

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