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Tech Wizards to Showcase Virtual Maintenance Trainers at the Department of Air Force Modeling & Simulation Summit 2024

DAHLGREN, VA. – Tech Wizards, Inc. (TWI), a leading provider of DOD virtual training applications, will be participating in the 2024 Department of Air Force Modeling & Simulation Summit (DAFMSS) May 7th to 9th in San Antonio, TX.

The DAFMSS serves as a focal point for Air Force and Space Force M&S experts to explore initiatives, network, and discuss transitioning more training from real-world to digital environments. TWI is ready to demonstrate how its Virtual Maintenance Trainers (VMTs) fulfill this initiative.

At the DAFMSS 2024, TWI will showcase the versatility of its DOD virtual training applications. Renowned for enhancing maintenance proficiency while minimizing costs, TWI’s VMTs create immersive virtual environments that simulate Tactical Training Equipment (TTE).

Distinguished by advanced state machine technology, TWI’s VMTs allow instructors to monitor and track students' actions. This capability ensures comprehensive feedback from students to instructors, promoting mastery of maintenance procedures and optimizing training effectiveness.

“Tech Wizards remains at the forefront of training innovation with our state-of-the-art VMTs,” said Ken Clark, President of Tech Wizards. “Our unwavering dedication to innovation is driving a new era of heightened proficiency and cost-effective maintenance solutions for the DOD community. We look forward to showcasing these transformative achievements at the DAFMSS 2024.”

Tech Wizards cordially invites DAFMSS 2024 attendees to visit booth #303 in San Antonio, TX, to experience the future of maintenance training firsthand. Explore how TWI’s advanced training solutions are shaping the readiness of our nation for the challenges ahead, as integrated training becomes increasingly vital.

About Tech Wizards, Inc.

Tech Wizards is a leading provider of DOD virtual training applications, serving both government and commercial sectors with cutting edge systems, software, and cybersecurity services. Founded in 2005, TWI is a small business headquartered in Dahlgren, VA. For more information on Tech Wizards, including contracts and employment opportunities, visit:


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