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Kenny Allwine

Kenny Allwine is the Director of Technology with Tech Wizards, Inc. located in Dahlgren, VA. As Director of Technology Kenny drives the use of innovative technology in all of the software products produced by Tech Wizards. Kenny also leads multiple software engineering teams in order to produce innovative training applications for the United States Navy, and multiple foreign allies. Kenny’s most recent projects have included creating virtual training using gaming technology in order to train sailors in the proper procedures for maintenance and material management, and virtual reality technology with full body and object tracking to provide realistic virtual scenarios that sailors can complete in order to better prepared for their duties while at sea on lookout aboard a Navy ship.


In addition to being the Director of Technology with Tech Wizards, Kenny is an adjunct professor at the University of Mary Washington. Kenny has taught classes such as Introduction to Computer Science, Advanced Web Programming, Cloud Information Technology Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, and Information System Security.


Kenny holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Mary Washington, and a Master of Science in Management Information Systems from the University of Mary Washington.

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