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Tech Wizards Exhibiting at the Training and Simulation Industry Symposium

DAHLGREN, Va. — Tech Wizards, Inc. (TWI) a leader in providing innovative virtual training solutions, is proud to announce its participation at this year's Training and Simulation Industry Symposium (TSIS). The event, scheduled to take place from June 21 – 22 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando Fla., facilities industry networking and interaction with procurement officials from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Airforce.

At the symposium, Tech Wizards will be exhibiting its innovative Virtual Maintenance Trainers (VMTs), which have gained recognition and awards for their revolutionary approach to maintenance training.

Tech Wizards VMTs utilizes advanced state machines to monitor and track student actions within the simulation. These actions are captured in an xAPI database allowing for a comprehensive analysis of students' performance. This feature allows instructors to assess students' proficiency and ensure adherence to procedural compliance for maintenance tasks.

Engineered to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and hands-on experience, Tech Wizards' VMTs offer a comprehensive and interactive training experience. Users can engage in hands-on training scenarios that simulate real-world maintenance tasks. The trainers enable trainees to practice complex procedures, diagnose faults, and perform maintenance tasks in a risk-free virtual environment.

Key features of Tech Wizards' VMTs include:

Realistic Simulations: VMTs provide high-fidelity simulations, replicating equipment, tools, and environments with exceptional accuracy. Trainees can engage with interactive components and experience the challenges associated with real-world maintenance scenarios.

Performance Tracking and Analytics: Tech Wizards' trainers incorporate advanced performance tracking and analytics, allowing trainers and trainees to assess progress, identify areas for improvement, and optimize training outcomes. Real-time feedback and performance metrics empower trainees to enhance their proficiency.

Scalable and Customizable Solutions: Tech Wizards understands that each organization has unique training requirements. Therefore, the VMTs are scalable and customizable, accommodating the specific needs of different maintenance procedures.

Tech Wizards invites attendees at TSIS to visit hospitality suite #247 to experience firsthand the groundbreaking VMTs. The Tech Wizards team will be available to provide live demonstrations, answer questions, and discuss the benefits and applications of the trainers in various training environments.

"We are thrilled to showcase our award-winning virtual maintenance trainers at the Training and Simulation Industry Symposium," said Ken Clark, President of Tech Wizards. “Our VMTs revolutionize the way maintenance professionals acquire and refine their skills, offering a cost-effective and immersive training solution that reduces risks and increases efficiency. We look forward to engaging with industry experts and demonstrating the transformative potential of our trainers.”

For more information about Tech Wizards' participation at TSIS 2023, please visit To learn more about Tech Wizards and its innovative software solutions, visit

About Tech Wizards

Tech Wizards is a U.S. Navy Surface Training Advanced Virtual Environment (STAVE) solutions provider. TWI also supports government and commercial arenas with systems, software, and cyber security services. TWI is a small business founded in 2005 and is based in Dahlgren, Va. For more information on Tech Wizards, their contracts, and employment opportunities, visit:


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