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Mike Conceicao


Mike Conceicao started Tech Wizards, Inc. (TWI) with his business partner, Ken Clark, in 2005. As Vice President of TWI, Mr. Conceicao prepares and formally presents project artifacts to customers and performs project planning, management, and associated administration.

Mr. Conceicao serves as Senior Systems Engineer and project lead for COAST/CAST Learning Management System (LMS) and Course Development System (CDS) for the Center for Surface Combat Systems (CSCS). He is the lead for software integration, testing, and evaluation to provide quality assurance. Mr. Conceicao is the lead for customer interface and acts as the software support liaison for the team on various levels.

Mr. Conceicao is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science in 1992. He shares in his business partner’s views and works side-by-side with his employees. He encourages a creative, innovative, and fun working environment.

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