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Technology Innovation Support (TIS)


  • Provides computer software applications that support system maintenance and operational training objectives and allow for completion of student training requirement within a virtual environment construct

  • Provides configuration management and control of software product releases of source code, associated databases, security engineering, cyber-Authorization to Operate (ATO) certifications and maintenance, and technical documents associated with the software application versions

  • Virtualized Advanced Learning Engine (VALE) Software Development Kit (SDK) track actions within the simulation that can be used for future analysis of student's performance 

Graphics from Tech Wizards' Virtual Maintenance Trainers 

Developing the following virtual training applications:

  • ACNT TI-16

  • SPY-1D(V) MMSP

  • SQQ TI-18 ACB-19

  • SSDS TI-16



  • Aegis BL 10 TI-16 

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