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COAST & CAST Support for the Surface Combat Systems Training Command (SCSTC)


  • Exploration of emerging technological growth and advancement of the CAST Open Architecture Suite (COAST) and Computer Aided Submode Training (CAST) products

  • Provided analysis, design, development, and integration support of training systems (COAST, CAST)

  • Supported United States Navy (USN) and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programs 

  • Multi-platform integration: Solaris, Linux, and Windows

  • Virtual World/Environment development

  • Developed and maintained Aegis Fleet CAST lessons critical to the development of sailors

  • Engineered Learning Management System (LMS) based content, and Virtual World/Virtual Environment training solutions

Design and develop training systems

Developed the following virtual training applications:

  • Tactical Operating Environment (TACTOE)

  • Virtual Basic Acoustic Analysis Refresher (VBAAR)

  • Apprentice Network Technician (ANT)

  • Virtual Maintenance and Material Management (Virtual 3M)

  • LS-653/ON-740/ON-740(V)2 Commbox Simulators

  • Identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF) Simulators

  • SPQ-9B Radar Simulator 

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